Cleaning just got a lot more fun! Our 6 pack of multi-use cleaning fizzies are a blend of bicarbonate of soda & citric acid to shift tough stains & limescale whilst providing your home with a luxury fragrance of your choice. Packaged in a resealable kraft pouch, you'll love using these cleaning fizzies as part of your usual cleaning routine.




Clean & fragrance the toilet. Pop a fizzie in the loo to clean & freshen. For extra tough stains, leave the fizzie to soak over night to wake up to a clean loo!


Clean & freshen sinks & plug holes. Put the plug in the sink, pop the fizzie in & pour warm water over it. Leave to fizzie to do it's magic, cleaning the sink & deoderising the room. Once it's done, empty the water to deoderise the plug hole.


Floors. Use in your usual mop bucket with just warm water to freshen & clean floors.




Crisp Cotton

Fresh Linen



Lemon Sherbet

Another World

Peony & Blush

Blackberry & Bay

Cedarwood & Jasmine




Bicarbonate of Soda

Citric Acid

Fragrance Oil

6 Fizzies


Cleaning Fizzies