how to use carpet freshener

We've finally made it to Friday, after what feels like the longest week! Today we are very excited to announce our Carpet Freshener is in stock. This is a product I've wanted to bring to the store since the very beginning, but I wanted to find a plastic free way of doing so. I didn't want to use plastic shakers or sachets. Our biodegradable shaker not only looks great but won't end up in a landfill so bonus!

Carpet Freshener has a multitude of uses around the house, making it a really versatile product for your cleaning kit.

Simply sprinkle on your carpet, rug or even mattress, leave for 15 - 30 minutes, hoover up and enjoy the freshness. Do keep children and pets out of the room when the powder is down & make sure you clean the filter on your hoover regularly.

Available in all our scents, which one will you choose? I've been testing this product for a while to get it just right, and my favourite so far definitely has to be Fluffy Towels, it smells like clean towels straight out of the dryer, bliss! I've been using the wax melt buttons in this scent too, even my husband is a fan (and by fan I mean he noticed the room smelt good, so that's a win for me!)


It's almost subscription box time, so if you'd like to receive the November box you can subscribe here. For £10 + p&p you'll get;

1 box of buttons (in an exclusive scent not yet sold in the store)

2 mini bars

2 eco friendly tea lights

Plus, you'll get a free gift from me if it's your first box!

If you get the chance and you'd like to send us some feedback, please send me an email to I love hearing from you.

Charlotte xx


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