Hand Crafted Luxury Wax Melts, Candles, Diffusers & Mists


Our Range

Wax Melt Bars

Hand poured wax melt bars in a range of  designer fragrances. Long lasting freshness for every home. Simply break two chunks off the bar, place in your favourite warmer, light the candle & enjoy! Available in mini & large.

Flower Diffusers

Our unique wooden flower diffusers, add the finishing touch to any room. Using the cotton wick, the flower soaks up the fragrance to disperse the sent, for a scent throw like no other. 


Made with 100% soy wax & a cotton eco friendly wick, our beautiful candles are longer lasting than average, with an intense scent throw. Perfect for setting any mood. 

Wax Melt Buttons

Intensely fragranced, wax melt buttons, for an instant scent boost in your home. Packaged in our signature kraft boxes. Available in a wide range of scents for every, mood, memory or occasion. 

Luxury Room & Linen Mist

Instantly refresh any room in your home with our Luxury Room & Linen Mist, carefully formulated to provide a long lasting richly fragrant mist. Whether you'd like to freshen your living room, bathroom, kitchen, hallways & beyond, our Luxury Room & Linen Mist is the perfect choice. 

Plugin Diffusers

Fill the room with your favourite scent using our brand new plugin diffusers. Formulated with concentrated scent, the plugin diffuser will fragrance any room in no time. 

Scoopable Wax

Soft & Creamy our unique formula is a blend of soy wax, organic coconut oil & the finest fragrance. Perfect for an instant scent boost in any room. Available in jars & biodegradable kraft tubs.

Wax Melt Dots

Intensely fragranced, wax melt dots, for an instant scent boost in your home. Complete with their own wooden scoop. Available in a wide range of luxury scents.

Inspiring scents

"Wax Melts from Charlotte Louise Scents fill my home with long lasting divine fragrances. I can't get enough!!"

C, London

"Today I changed from Yankee candles trying your wax melts I ordered. Beautiful. Never going back!!"

L, Buckinghamshire

Superb service, beautiful scents & long lasting fragrance!!"

L, Hampshire

Your products are amazing, I'll be telling everyone how amazing your candles and wax melts are. I think the White Company has just lost a customer!

N, London


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